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On shelf RFID ... for customers? Press Release
Technology Evalutation analyst Ann Grackin told the National Retail Federation conference that the hype around RFID in logistics is forgetting the customer.... (more information)
by Supply Chain Review

SupplyChainBrain VIDEO of Ann Grackin
Ethics Issues Are at the Heart of Supply-Chain Management
Press Release
Ann Grackin, chief executive officer of ChainLink Research, traces the evolution of ethical behavior throughout the supply chain. But is the trend motivated by a desire for profitability, the law, or ... (more information)

SupplyChainBrain VIDEO of Bill McBeath speaking at BioTech Supply Conference, San Francisco
The Path to Visibility
Press Release
Bill McBeath, chief research officer with ChainLink Research, says supply-chain visibility means a lot more than just scanning a barcode on a pallet in the warehouse. [Run Time (Min:) 12:01... (more information)

Ann Grackin on Warehouse Solutions Growth in 2010 Press Release
by Ann Grackin

Ann Grackin quoted by BusinessWire about Grape Escape event Press Release
Ann Grackin quoted by BusinessWire about Rocket Marketing Grape Escape ® 2014 event held this year in Chicago.... (more information)

Ann Grackin quoted in ZDNet Asia
RFID 'quietly' enters mainstream
Press Release
RFID has quietly been accepted by businesses as a mainstream technology . . . ... (more information)
by by Journalist Liau Yun Qing

Ann Grackin Reports on Service Trends from 2004 Wharton-Stanford Service Supply Chain Forum Press Release
For the second straight year, Ann Grackin, chief executive officer of ChainLink Research, was an attendee of the Wharton-Stanford Service Supply Chain Forum held in October on Stanford University's ca... (more information)
by MCA Solutions

Bill McBeath in DC Velocity, on end-to-end visibility Press Release
DC Velocity interviewed Bill McBeath about supply chain finance and visibility.... (more information)

Bill McBeath Interviewed on Networks and Procurement Press Release
A podcast of Interarbor Solutions analyst, Dana Gardner, interviewing ChainLink's Bill McBeath about the role of supply chain networks for procure-to-pay and supplier risk management.... (more information)
by Bill McBeath

ChainLink Expands RFID Research Services and Team
Surging Markets for RFID and Internet of Things Propels Demand for Research and Insights
Press Release

ChainLink In the News - Trends - issues report on satisfaction with advanced planning systems and supply chain software Press Release
Despite some highly publicized project failures in recent years and complaints about cost and implementation times, new research suggests that most companies are satisfied with their advanced planning... (more information)
by Frontline Solutions

ChainLink in the News: Do Advance Planning Systems Deliver Value? New Research Says Yes. Press Release
Ann Grackin and her team at ChainLink Research conducted a significant study of several thousand APS implementations over a four-year period (1999-2002), supplemented with more in-depth research of ma... (more information)
by Dan Gilmore - Supply Chain Digest

ChainLink in the News: Globalisation Puts Pressure on Cold Chains Press Release
With over 80 million shipments of product distributed on a global basis, Cold Chain is a major issue in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry. And with an aging population increasingly focused... (more information)
by Supply Chain Review

ChainLink in the News: International Trade and Logistics in 2004 for Retailers and Their Suppliers
Chain Store Age Magazine
Press Release
Global markets and the widespread movement of manufacturing to low-labor-cost regions are creating an increasing array of tough decisions and challenges for retailers and suppliers.... (more information)
by ChainLink Research

ChainLink In the News: New Models Require New Metrics
Press Release
For companies, the creation and pursuit of real-time granular data is critical -- they need it to guide their business behaviors and understand the true nature of their market.... (more information)
by Ann Grackin

ChainLink In the News: On-Demand Software Reveals Radical Changes Coming to the Enterprise Software Industry Press Release
The enterprise software industry will undergo a radical shift as new "on-demand" software services dramatically restructure the economics of developing, delivering, and supporting business software, r... (more information)
by Web Editorial Staff

ChainLink in the News: On-demand Software To Cause Radical Changes to the Enterprise Software Industry Press Release
ChainLink Research cites fundamental, permanent shift in software economics as disruptive technology restructures the market... (more information)
by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

ChainLink in the News: Supply and Command Press Release
IF YOU READ the business press, it's easy to get the impression that the civilian andmilitary worlds are perfectly analogous. In their daily work, CEOs plan "strategies,"COOs execute "tactics," and ma... (more information)
by Ian Garrick Mason

ChainLink Press Release: ChainLink Research Announces its On-Demand Research Findings Press Release
New Research into "On-Demand" Software Reveals Radical Changes Coming to the Enterprise Software Industry... (more information)
by ChainLink Research

ChainLink Press Release: Definitive Study on Supply Chain Technology Satisfaction Press Release
ChainLink Research recently completed a study that shatters the myth of widespread Supply Chain Technology project failures.... (more information)
by ChainLink Research

ChainLink Press Release: New report on Cold Chain by ChainLink Research encourages proactive measures for improved product handling across increasingly fragmented supply chains. Press Release
by Carla Reed

ChainLink Press Release: Retail/CPG Survey by ChainLink Research Reveals Dynamics of the Retailer-Supplier Tug-of-War Press Release
Study exposes fundamental disconnects in the power struggle between retailers and suppliers.... (more information)
by ChainLink Research

ChainLink Research's CEO, Ann Grackin, spoke recently in Denver at the first conference of the Food Traceability Institute. Press Release
Our appreciation to all the individuals -- speakers, sponsors and delegates who contributed to make the inaugural Traceability Interoperability Summit a critical success for the food supply chain comm... (more information)

Impinj Hopes to Raise $60M From IPO Press Release
The RFID chip, reader and software provider's second attempt to go public is more conservative--and better timed--than its previous offering.... (more information)
by Claire Swedberg

JAZD & ChainLink Research Announce B2B Marketplace Partnership for the Supply Chain Industry
SupplyTech to Provide Comprehensive Research, Education and Purchasing Destination for Supply Chain Professionals.
Press Release

JAZD Markets & ChainLink Announce Content Partnership Press Release
JAZD Markets, the leader in B2B directory-driven marketplace platforms, announced the formation of a supply chain content and information partnership with ChainLink Research, Inc. the widely respected... (more information)

Marsh Breaks the Chain(link) Press Release
Marsh has gotten rid of most of the research practice it had planned to build around supply risk. As a result, the ChainLink folks are back on their own again.... (more information)

Marsh Establishes Supply Chain Risk Management Practice with ChainLink Press Release
NEW YORK - Marsh, the world's leading insurance broker and risk advisor, has established a Global Supply Chain Risk Management Practice under the leadership of Gary Lynch to provide clients with the r... (more information)

New ChainLink Research Report Assesses Surge In Retail RFID Adoption Press Release
Tyco Retail Solutions, a leading provider of retail performance and security solutions, today announced the results of a new, sponsored ChainLink Resea... (more information)

Taking Stock of Supply Chain Technology Press Release
Manufacturers have struggled to optimize their supply chains since the advent of the industrial revolution. But with the expanding global economy, a competitive premium has been placed on shrinking an... (more information)
by Alan Alper, Managing Automation

Talent War Looming, ChainLink Research's 2011 Business Priorities Survey Finds Press Release
NEWTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new survey by ChainLink Research found that in spite of the persistently high level of unemployment, there is an intense and growing war for talent amongst firms. In ... (more information)

The ROI for RFID Technology in Retail Press Release
Retailers are adopting RFID tags to improve inventory accuracy.... (more information)
by Bill McBeath

Zest Labs Demonstrates Proactive Fresh Food Management Press Release
This press release describes Zest Labs pallet-level produce temperature monitoring and real-time analytics, and how it improves quality consistency and reduces post-harvest food waste.... (more information)

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